Ramorak introduces himself


Staff member
Executive Producer
Dear fellow citizens and adventurers of Canreal,

I'm happy to be able to introduce myself to you!

Who am I?
My username is @Ramorak, but I'm also known as "thisdudeisvegan". I'm a (currently) 21-year-old guy from Germany, who has a passion for gaming, developing, system integration, memes, animals and material arts. I'm also very interested into space and space exploration, as well as everything around that topic. Furthermore, I love to watch rocket launches. I am able to be very athletic, but mostly I am very lazy, and I don't like to move. Still, I'm relatively trained, which is strange considering how much I eat. 🤨 I'm also a very open-minded person who is always happy to help, and I'm an ex firefighter. - I stopped being active as a firefighter because I just don't had the time anymore.

What is my role on Canreal?
I'm the Executive Producer on Canreal and also the Owner. I'm getting very well assisted by @Fyradir, who is Producer on Canreal. Not only that, but I'm mostly an all-rounder on Canreal doing things from developing something over administrating our servers to (later) building the cities of Canreal and planning the story. Canreal is my biggest hobby and passion and a heart project of mine. I love to see the progression and I am firmly convinced that Canreal will be something very great, which will enrich many people's life in their free time.

If you have any questions left about my personality or about my role on Canreal feel free to ask! Have a fun time with us on here!