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Dear fellow citizens and adventurer of Canreal!
Maybe you discovered the project and want to contribute to it. That's great! The goal of Canreal will be, that it's formed by the community. Therefore, contributions are more than welcomed. You can contribute in several ways on Canreal:

Contribute as a developer!
Some parts of Canreal are Open Source. You can therefore contribute your code to our existing projects on GitHub.
How to contribute with an idea?
If you have an idea for a quest, a part of the story, items, weapons, armor, NPCs, monsters, cities, buildings, dungeons, features and more you can tell us here in our forums. We will review your idea and if it's good we will try to implement it!
How to report a bug?
There are two ways to report a bug. If you're familiar with GitHub, you can report a bug which is appearing in anything we developed in the fitting repository on our GitHub. In the case that you aren't familiar with GitHub or if the bug appeared on a platform we didn't develop like Discord for e.g., you can report the bug here in our forums.
How to contribute in any other way?
If you want to contribute something, which we haven't declared here don't mind asking us!
What do I get as an Adventurer, if I contribute to Canreal?
You form Canreal. With the ideas and contributions coming from the community, we can make Canreal to something the community wants. The more contributions, feedback and questions, as well as activity in our forum we get, the better Canreal will be.
If you make a really useful or big contribution, which isn't the "average" we will make you a memorial right on Canreal in a big castle within a Hall of Fame, including a description about what exactly you contributed. You're also getting an entry and get listed on our contributions page. In some cases we will (as soon as our development progress allows it) test some features contributed by you with the person who contributed the idea right on the server. You therefore, can get a chance in some cases to see a small part of Canreal as one of the first persons. However, please understand, that this isn't possible for everyone and is only possible for some features which have been contributed and which are pretty big and intensive to test.

We can't wait for your ideas, feedback and contributions, and we thank you beforehand for enriching Canreal and it's community with your activity here in our forums! 🙏
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