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In this post we will answer the most frequent questions we receive about Canreal. Before asking a question check here. If your question is not answered, yet, fell free to ask your question to the community.

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Is Canreal Open-Source?
Yes, partly. We have some projects that are Open-Source, and we will also publish parts of our code to help out other servers and the Hytale community in general. However, not all our projects will be Open Source, because we don't want to work for years on this project to get it "stolen" by some copy-cat. Of course, if you're a server owner of another server and are interested on a feature we implemented on Canreal feel free to contact @Ramorak and ask if you can get the code for that. We then will decide if we want to release the code for that part or not.

How do you think about privacy?
Privacy is very important to us. I'm a privacy focused person myself, and it's clear, that a game server can collect many details about a persons digital life. However, we will never save unnecessary information with our plugins later on Canreal. The information we save will be only available to us and will be deletable via an InGame-Command including a confirmation. Trough Canreal running on German servers and therefore underlying German and EU privacy guidelines - especially as soon as the project really starts and therefore as soon as it will be a company due being a commercial project - we will respect these. We will never give your data to any third person for advertise reasons or similar.

I'm a mother/father and I ask myself if it's safe for my child to play on Canreal.
Our most important goal is to make Canreal a safe place for everyone. We try to moderate all our platforms as good as possible to keep it clean from content, which is not safe for children. Please don't let your child play on Canreal if it's younger than 13 years. There will also be an option InGame later, that disables the chat, so only story related text for quests, commands and similar will be displayed. This feature is activated by standard. Players will only see the general chat (except messages from staff members) as soon as they deactivate it and accept to see the chat. This way everyone can decide by themselves if they want to see the chat or not. The chat will be moderated the most time, too. We can't guarantee a 24/7 moderation on all our platforms, but we will give our best to have a 24/7 moderation on all our platforms.

Can you buy stuff on Canreal?
We will update this section shortly with the latest information. ;)

Is Canreal a safe place for LGBTQ+, any religion or similar?
Yes. We have a zero tolerance about discrimination in any kind. Discriminating someone because of their belief, sexual orientation, gender identification, gender, religion, age, or anything else will lead to an instant permanent ban on Canreal without a warning beforehand. We are also no place for political advertising or discussion as well as we're no place for discussions about religions, because such discussions can get heated very fast and could make other players uncomfortable.

Do you plan to make events on religious holidays like Christmas or Eid al-Fitr, etc.?
No. The world of Canreal is in no relation to the real world and therefore there will be different holidays in Canreal, which are getting celebrated. The holidays of Canreal will be decided and announced by the Royal Council (staff members). We will determine these, for example, based on the story or based on important milestones during the development of Canreal.

What can I do if I'm getting harassed or sexually assaulted by another player?
Be sure to write us as fast as possible and don't be ashamed for it. It's not your fault if another player is as rude as he would be in this case. If you're getting harassed, sexually assaulted or similar things, that are definitely not a "bad joke", we will take action against the person, support you as good as possible and also take legal action on that person.

What platforms can I find Canreal on?
We post all important news here in our forum. However, we also have a Discord-Server, a community on Okuna, a Subreddit, a Twitter account and so on. To see all our current social media links head over to the front page of our website. You can find all the latest links there.

But...what exactly is Canreal?
Canreal is a Hytale based MMORPG-Server currently in development. You can imagine Canreal as a very complex game with many features but based on the "engine" Hytale. Yes, Hytale will be Canreal's engine in some kind.

When will I be able to play on Canreal?
We don't know, because Hytale is not yet released. We can't start with building the world and developing the InGame plugins before Hytale is released. However, we plan (but we can't promise) to need about 2 years of development before the first public Beta. Before the public Beta, there will also be a closed Alpha and Beta from time to time. We need that much time, because we don't want to make just another MMORPG-Server. We want to make the best one out there with many details, features and a great and interesting story without things like "Collect X apples and jump in the sea to drown". I think you get me.

I have an idea for Canreal. Can I decide what's coming to Canreal even if I'm not a developer?
Yes. Canreal lives with its community. At the moment the community is rather small due to Hytale not being released, yet, but the bigger the community gets the better Canreal gets. You can always contribute to Canreal with your code if you're a developer, with your ideas, your videos, your questions, your feedback and everything else that comes to your mind. We will work very closely with our community to form Canreal the way the community wants it to be. So be sure to register here in our forums and to be active to help us to build and grow the community. Everyone here profits from that! can also install this forum as a web-app on your PC or your phone! 👀

How important is transparency for you?
It's very important to us. As we said in our last point we want to work as close with the community as possible. Therefore, we have to be very transparent about what's the current state of development, how the map will look like later and more. We will post regular updates here in the forums and link to them with our social media accounts. We will also publish videos on YouTube as soon as we can show something. As soon as we focus our work on building the map and developing the plugins we plan to give you a monthly update about the progress in the form of a discussion thread here in our forums as well as a video to show you around everything important.

How's it looking with CO2?
The climate impact of Canreal is also a very important aspect to us. Of course, we are just a hobby project which is hosting some servers and not a big chemical company or similar. However, servers need energy and energy is producing CO2. We're proud to host our servers on CO2 neutral servers because this way Canreal is CO2 neutral.

We hope this post gives you a good insight view on the most frequent questions about Canreal. If you have any questions left feel free to open a discussion and ask your question there. We will answer as good as possible and as fast as possible!
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