ID Date
Username Platform Contribution made for platform Description Link Added to database by
2 2019-12-09 JencisoSmashKing GitHub In-Game Proposed name for captain in the start quest on a merchant ship ("Wasker") No link Ramorak
3 2019-12-12 JencisoSmashKing Discord Discord Helped us, setting up the Discord-Server No link Ramorak
4 2020-06-06 Chapl Forum Forum Suggested to add an Off-Topic-Section to our forums No link Ramorak
5 2020-10-24 thisdudeisvegan GitHub Website Contributed code for the contribution website of the forums, so it's more functional and more visually appealing. No link Ramorak
6 2020-11-25 thisdudeisvegan Wiki Wiki Set up the wiki and filled it with basic information. See more Ramorak
7 2020-11-25 SuperSandro2000 GitHub Website Contributed a bug fix for the contribution page, which made database optimizations working. See more Ramorak